To link your account to Facebook please be sure to click on the Social button which is located next at the bottom left side of your screen next to the Quests button, and select the “Connect” option. (Keep in mind that the button will only appear after  you have completed the tutorial). You should receive 25 bucks the first time you connect.

If you have passed the tutorial and you don't see the Social Button your game is most likely under COPPA and you will need to contact Customer Support

Once you are connected, you can visit Charlie, your good old friend and any of your Facebook friends who is also playing the game, to do so just tap on the “Visit” button under them

The game will load the town of your friend and you can tap up to 3x times per day to collect free Cents and Dollars. The more friends you have, the more rewards you can collect every 24 hours. So add your friends and come back often to earn more!